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WORK YOUR BODY CONFECÇÕES LTDA CNPJ: 28.028.903/0001-08 Rua Fidalga, 407 B — Pinheiros São Paulo, Brazil, also under the name WYB Store. Access to and use, products and services available through this website are subject to the following terms, conditions and notices.


A. When you register on the WYB Store website you will be required to choose a contact email and password. You are responsible for all sessions and transactions taken in connection with this information. It is also your responsibility to keep your password secure and not reveal it to anyone. If you feel you have been compromised, change it immediately.

B. If any of your data/information changes, such as your credit card billing address, you must inform the WYB Store as soon as possible. You can update your subscription data in your account on the WYB Store website and update the relevant information.


A. Any purchase contract made through the site will be with WORK YOUR BODY CONFECÇÕES LTDA.

B. In order for your order to be accepted and the contract executed, the WYB Store website must first receive confirmation of payment authorization for the products you ordered. This confirmation is provided by the payment company PagSeguro. Once payment has been authorized, the WYB Store will send you an email containing your name, order number, total price and stating that your order has been accepted. Acceptance of your order by the WYB Store brings into existence a legally binding contract between us on these terms. Any terms imposed by you on your order will not form part of the contract.



If you are an individual and are not purchasing goods on behalf of a business, there are certain circumstances in which you may terminate the contract and these are set out here. This right of withdrawal does not apply to business buyers.


A. You may cancel your order at any time until WYB Store notifies you that your order has been accepted and is being processed. You will not have to pay any fines.

B. In case the order is in the process of being processed, you cannot terminate the contract, but you can return the goods to us. Our returns policy is an integral part of your agreement with us and is described below in Exhibit A.



If WYB Store partner stores inventory cannot deliver the goods ordered by you, we will notify you as soon as possible and any amount debited by the WYB Store from your credit card will be re-credited to your account and the WYB Store will notify you by email, at the address provided by you at the time of ordering. The refund will be made as soon as possible and, in any case, within 7 working days from the date of cancellation request. The WYB Store will not be obligated to offer any additional compensation for the disappointment caused.



A. WYB Store will ship the products ordered by you on your behalf to the person and address you provide to the WYB Store at the time you place the order.

B. Delivery will be made as soon as possible after the order is accepted by the payment company, in any case, within 3 to 7 working days for domestic and international deliveries, counting from the date of completion of the order analysis. This analysis can take up to 48 working hours to complete. All delivery times quoted on the website are estimates only, based on availability, routine processing and company deliveries.

C. You will become the owner of the merchandise you ordered as soon as the goods are posted to you.

D. If the final value of the product (plus taxes, fees and shipping) exceeds the equivalent value of U$3,000.00 (according to the exchange rate on the date of purchase), the delivery period may be longer than 07 (seven) business days. *


** In these cases, the transaction will no longer comply with Normative Instruction SRF 611/2006, changing its procedure from Simplified Customs Clearance to Customs Clearance, within Normative Instruction 680/2006 SRF. In this procedure, the final recipient of the product may be notified by the Federal Revenue Service that the product(s) is (are) in Brazilian customs under analysis. The WYB Store will always offer its customers free administrative support in case they need to submit vouchers to customs authorities.


A. Our prices include import tax, local taxes and customs duties, and these additional costs are not under the control of the WYB Store and are determined by Brazilian legislation.

B. The Internal Revenue Service has the right to bar the goods in order to verify and confirm their value. If this occurs, the customer will receive an email from DHL. In it, you will have to inform the merchandise data and attach the purchase confirmation email provided by the WYB Store to prove its value. The product normally ships within 15 business days. However, this period can be extended, depending on customs inspection and, unfortunately, we are unable to intervene. For any questions, we are available through our Customer Support.


A. If the delivery of goods does not correspond to what you ordered or are damaged or defective or in an incorrect quantity the WYB Store will have no liability unless you notify the problem in writing on the WYB Store website within 3 days useful after delivery of the products by contacting our Customer Support team.

B. If you do not receive the ordered products within thirty (30) days from the date they were shipped to you, WYB Store will have no liability unless you notify the problem in writing at the WYB Store contact address , within 40 days from the date the goods were shipped to you.

C. If you report a problem to the WYB Store, through our website, communicating the lack of receipt of one or more products, or the receipt of a defective product, our team will contact you to guide you on how to proceed with the exchange or return of the product, remembering that the deadline to activate the WYB Store team is 03 (three) business days from the receipt of the goods, or 40 (forty) days from the date of purchase in case you have not received them.

D. The responsibility of the WYB Store is limited to refunding the consumer up to 100% (one hundred percent) of the amount paid, fully refunding the amount paid or debited to their card, without any other type of refund, reimbursement or indemnity to the consumer end, and therefore, whatever the problem is reported to our team, the end consumer will receive, at most, 100% (one hundred percent) of what they paid (including shipping and taxes).

and. These “Terms and Conditions” do not limit or condition the consumer rights that every individual has due to specific local legislation. Therefore, the Consumer Defense Code is fully effective in the commercial relationship established between the WYB Store and the final consumer of the products made available on the website. This instrument only creates procedural rules and contractual clauses that govern the legal relationship between the company and its customers, not constituting or altering the rights inherent to all acquired by law.


The WYB Store shall have no responsibility for any failure to deliver ordered goods or any delay in doing so or for any damage or defect to the delivered goods which is caused by any event or circumstance beyond its reasonable control.


And any part of these conditions is unenforceable (including any provision in which WYB Store excludes its liability to you) the enforceability of any other part of these conditions will not be affected.

The contract between us will be governed by and construed in accordance with Brazilian law, and Brazilian courts are competent to resolve any dispute between us.

These terms and conditions, together with the current WYB Store website prices, delivery details and contact details, set out our agreement regarding the supply of goods to you by WYB Store. These terms and conditions cannot be changed except in writing signed by a director of the WYB Store. In particular, nothing said by any sales person on behalf of the WYB Store should be construed as a variation of these terms and conditions, or as an authoritative representation about the nature or quality of products offered for sale by WYB Store. WYB Store will have no responsibility for any representation as being false or misleading.

Internet communications are protected by commercial secrecy and privacy in the information, however, it is universally accepted that any damage caused to the final consumer due to violation of privacy in the information occurred by actions of unidentified third parties, are not responsibility of the WYB Store, which uses good market practices and provides sufficient technology to preserve the security in the exchange of information, but cannot be held responsible for exceptions, since the virtual environment is open to everyone and therefore susceptible to data corruption .

The information on this website may contain typographical errors and technical inaccuracies. WYB Store is responsible for the care of published information, but is not responsible for damages caused to third parties due to errors or inaccuracies, limiting itself only to reimburse 100% (one hundred percent) of the amount disbursed by the customer in the cases provided for in this regulation when the inaccuracy directly affects the quality and good use of the purchased product.

The WYB Store, its directors and the entire team are not personally liable for damages arising from the use of this website, whether in data corruption or violation of financial data. This absence of responsibility applies to any and all types of damage that the user of the website may experience, material damage, moral damages, financial losses and any and all charges arising from simple access to the website.

Our website may contain hyperlinks. These hyperlinks connect you to websites of other organizations that are not our responsibility. We use all our efforts in preparing our own website and the information included in it in good faith. However, we do not have any control over what information you may access through other websites. Therefore, no mention of any organization, company or individual to which our site is connected implies any endorsement or guarantee regarding the suitability and capacity of any such organization, company or individual by the WYB Store.

All design, text, graphics, and selection or arrangement of content therein are copyrighted by the WYB Store, or other copyright owners. Permission is granted to electronically copy and print in copy portions of this website for the sole purpose of placing an order on the WYB Store, or using this website as a shopping resource. Any other use of materials on this site (including reproduction for purposes other than those noted above and modification, distribution or republication) without the prior written permission of WYB Store is strictly prohibited.

The word composed of the characters “WYB Store” and “Work Your Body”, and their logos are registered trademarks belonging to WYB Store. All other brands, product names and company names or logos used on this website are the property of their respective owners. No permission is given by WYB Store regarding the use of its or any other, such as other brands, product names, titles or logos and such use may constitute a violation of the rights of the holder.


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