United Against Laziness!

It ties you into its strings and delays your life. Here we share some daily strategies to escape the clutches of the delicious inercia.

If you're reading this post, it's because you already have the strength to overcome laziness. Congratulations! Because if there's anything that ties up our lives, it's that nice feeling of the comfort zone.

But by always living in it, the magic doesn't happen. You don't change, you don't transform yourself. When faced with this enemy of movement, so cozy and attractive, what to do? Here are some tips to help you win.

1. Did you wake up? Stretch yourself. Shake it up.

Wake up your body, let it feel every muscle, showing each of them that the day has started. It's a message to the brain that hibernation is over. And, throw yourself out of bed.

2. Take a bath or shower colder than usual.

During winter this is more difficult to do, but try a cooler temperature than usual. Cooler baths/showers are great for the skin, and in the end, what you get is energy. In the cold bath you open up, in the hot bath you go into the shell.

3. Can't exercise in the morning? Let the music play!

If you don't have time to get moving before starting the day's activities, put on some lively music, and dance while doing routine activities. When it's time to make the bed, or fetch breakfast, store clothes and put on makeup. Anything goes. Every move counts and shows the sloth that you are stronger.

4. 15 minutes is 4% of your day. Something can be done!

You don't always need to put on the "workout uniform". A versatile and casual outfit is already suitable for those 15 minutes of activity that are good for your health (check out our store, how many cool options we have). Meditation, Stretching, Toning sets, the board and other Yoga asanas.... After 15 minutes you get yourself ahead. You can't say that it is impossible to use only 4% of your day for this.

5. One set of stairs. Going up!

Just one, for starters! If part of your day involves an elevator, try descending one floor before your destination, ending the stair journey. You won't sweat, you won't shiver, it won't cost you much. But it's already good for your body.

6. Squat while checking cell phone.

If the location allows, how about a little series of squats, great for the butt, thighs and abs? That moment when you check Instagram, read articles, or post photos, can be another opportunity to play against laziness. Besides, it will help your posture, because your back and neck suffer a lot when you're face to face with your cell phone screen, as you know.

7. Car or Walk? The second option, whenever possible.

Gasoline is not cheap, so all the more reason to walk, cycle, activity that makes you move a lot. If the distance, time and place allow, enjoy the outdoors and see other people, enjoy other views. It is worth it.

By making this short to-do list, you can already tell that you are not sedentary. By creating these little habits, the body gets used to the movement, and starts asking for more and more. One small step, to a big victory. We need to get out of the comfort zone, because things only happen when we move. Let life move you :)

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