Our Way of Being Sustainable

Our dolls carry our philosophy with each order we deliver.

Desde o início a WYB se preocupa com o que fazer com as sobras de tecido. Lá atrás quando ainda vendíamos só para amigos, tive uma ideia:

What if we use the fabric leftovers to make a special bag for our packaging?

In the beginning, our shopping bag was very small and fit only 1 piece. But it was the biggest hit, because people used it when going to the beach or at the pool. There was a time when we also donated to an institution for the elderly.

When we created the store, we had the idea of making the bags bigger, as our main packaging. This way we would avoid the use of paper and plastic, contributing to the environment.

Even with these actions we still had a lot of good fabric that would go wasted. Then I remembered something Maria Geni used to do, dear Má, who worked for many years in my family, later going to work as a nurse in a hospital in São Paulo.

She was now retired and making dolls to sell at an NGO. The dolls are so beautiful! I asked her if she needed tissue, and she said yes.

When I took the fabrics to her, I saw that she also made small dolls. At the same time we had the idea! Má would be our doll maker, creating tiny dolls to accompany our pieces.

Today we send the fabrics and buy the dolls for our store. In addition, we also sell larger versions. The most important thing is that the fabrics that we have chosen so lovingly for our pieces to bring style and quality, are the fabrics that help people.

I hope you will be enchanted by our dolls, and understand why they are so special to us.

by Kika Junqueira.

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