Behind our Collections

Let us tell you what drives our creations.

Work Your Body has always had a look dedicated to physical activities, and a look onto the moment of relaxation, focused on everyday life, and lighter sports.

With the pandemic, it became even more evident that people needed clothes to accompany a versatile life, full of moments in sync - happening at the same time. Work went home, and for many, physical activity too.

But whether or not in confinement, our choice has always been to balance the options for the moment of rest and our daily activities. Therefore, we chose fabrics with a pleasant touch, and looser clothes. This makes casual wear much more enjoyable to be experienced. Still, always drawing with the look of elegant modeling, which values the woman.

For exercise time, we understand that the current context needed even more positive energy, generating optimism and motivation. Hence the most vibrant colors.

It's the perfect time to bring in some color to brighten up this difficult phase we've been through, and we're still going through. We want to continue on this tune for a long time.

In the end, everything serves to complete the day, creating daily stories in the best possible way. Pure movement, with style.

Whether exercising (even indoors, or in smaller spaces), or taking care of our emotional energy, WYB offers clothes that understand us, that make us feel good.

That's why the ALL DAY LONG concept. A philosophy that unites fitness, day by day, and one of our favorite sports, horseback riding. Everything in perfect balance, the balance of each one.

It is worth remembering that our recycled fabrics are WYB's strongest vehicle, after all, concern for the environment is part of our DNA. We also continue with all the fabrics that preserve our planet, being mostly biodegradable, and made with reuse water.

We hope that even in challenging times, you will be motivated to take care of yourself, creating the movement that works best for you.

Même & Kika.

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