Workout Buddy For The Win!

Training together is pure joy.

A Kansas State University study proved that when you train together, good results come faster. Furthermore, there is a direct impact on well-being and emotional health.

A friend, your partner, or even someone who shares a passion for the same sport, competing with you. We call them Workout Buddy. They are great for helping us get moving.

Here are some reasons not to always train alone:

1. Motivation. When one is lazy, the other can give the little push. Changing old habits is difficult. Therefore, having someone can be decisive for not giving up.

2. Strengthening Routine. It's like setting up a weekly meeting, you create an appointment with your Workout Buddy.

3. Healthy Competition. You encourage yourselves to overcome brands.

4. Sociability. It's good to cultivate friendship and talk when training allows.

5. Less risks of injury. After all, with an observer around, the chances of correcting mistakes at the right time are much greater.

And of course, after so much sweating in pairs, celebrating the good results together is always cooler.

What about you? Do you have a Workout Buddy?

Tell us how she/he helps you stay active and improve your results.

Let's move!

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